Rod Serling (1924-75) PVT USA Airborne ’43-46 WW II. Enlisted and served in Pacific Theater as demolitions specialist with 11th Airborne Division. In Philippine Islands campaigns: Battle Leyte, Leyte Gulf, & Tagaytay Ridge. Earned Bronze Star & Purple Heart. Deeply affected by the war he suffered with post traumatic stress nightmares and flashbacks the rest of his life. Best known for TV series “Twilight Zone” ’59-64 & “Night Gallery” ’65-66.

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Rod Serlings..."The Night Gallery" 1969 pilot episode featured Steven Spielberg's directorial debut as his first industry job...directing silver screen legend Joan the ripe age of 22

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This is a gallery walk activity for Elie Wiesel's Night that requires students to view and write about images related to Night and the Holocaust. A gallery walk is an activity that requires students to circulate around the room while thoughtfully observing and analyzing visual content. $2.25

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Hasse Bredenberg (Hans Erik), born December 13 1957 in Frykerud , Värmland , Swedish artist (painter). He has galleries in Skirö , Småland.

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