Probably my favourite book. So sad that on his deathbed Gogol destroyed the trilogies 2nd part meaning that the book ends mid sentence. Even so this is one of the most magical books in the world. Just because it's 19th Century Russian literature doesn't mean it's hard to read. It isn't. It's a joy.

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Nikolai Gogol is accepted as the originator of modern realistic Russian prose, although much of his work contains strong elements of fantasy. The rich language of Gogol was much different from the direct, sparse lexicon of Pushkin; each of the two approaches to the language of literary prose was adopted by significant writers of later generations.

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Nikolai Gogol (1809 - 1852) Category: Russian Literature Born: March 31, 1809 Sorochintsi, Ukraine, Russia Died: February 21, 1852 Moscow, Russia

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Diary of a Madman - Nikolai Gogol [Ditari i një të çmenduri - Nikolai Gogol]

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Nikolai Gogol

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Historias de San Petersburgo - Nikolai Gogol - 157 reviews on Anobii

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