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10 Cats with Mad Ninja Skills -- These are hilarious and adorable! :)

'Ninja Cats' YouTube Montage Is Most Adorably Hyper, French Thing Ever. [I ♥ you, HuffPo]

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Did anyone see the cat run past here? What we want sometimes hides where we least expect... =) via HuffPostComedy. Pinned by www.drmelindadoug... | #funny #wisdom

I'm not stalking you I'm just making sure your mixing my catnip up right I tasted sourness yesterday... I have my eyes on you!!

25 Pictures Taken At Exactly The Right Moment Space Cat

Their fighting skills are unsurpassed. //Proof Cats Are Highly Trained C.I.A. Agents

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Get a good laugh at these sneaky ninja cats that have mastered the ancient art of ninjutsu.

Ninja Cats. If i saw these cats staring at me like this i'd run for my life lol!

ninja cat, Kitty, stribed, shadow, light, cute, nuttet, adorable, precious, sweet, photo b/w

While cat in the back is... cleaning... This little minion is learning to turn the lights off

Ninja cats. I love, LOVE Ninja Motorcycles by Kawasaki, though :-)

“Good thing I camouflage in with this tub or my human might’ve just spotted me.” | 19 Super Sneaky Ninja Cats

DIY Cat Tent from a T-Shirt and a Wire Hanger #pet #upcycle

Cat's Resume, minus the hunter that's my Monkey! Especially abstract artist -___-

Even his/her judo skills are of no use. | The Best Cat Gif Post In The History Of Cat Gifs