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The nintendo game boy advanced sp was my first gaming device I ever got. I played a lot for the first 2 years and then I lost it somewhere in my house.


Gameboy Advance SP. Why they bothered even releasing other models after this is beyond me (although the Micro was cute).

from BuzzFeed

22 imagens que só os apaixonados por games vão entender

Do you remember which ones you had? Before phone companies wanted you to buy a new product every year, Nintendo pioneered the concept of redesign after redesign without actually adding to the product until further iterations. Personally I had the OG grey, Lime green Gameboy Color, See-through purple Gameboy Advance, Red Gameboy SP. Glad They did not have the DS on this list.


A Gameboy Advance SP. It can be used, without box, with charger, and no scratches, both on the screen or outer surfaces. I'm looking for either the Pikachu, Retro, Kindgom Hearts, Zelda, or regular Blue (not sky blue) or black versions.