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How Nipple Stimulation Works to Induce Labor

Here’s what you need to know about this practice, how to do it, and what questions you’ll want to ask your doctor. Note: If you have a high-risk pregnancy, nipple stimulation might be dangerous. Always talk to your doctor before trying any induction techniques.


5 Hospital Procedures That Ruin Your Birth

5 Hospital procedures that ruin your birth and lead to unnecessary complications and interventions! Every woman please read!


Annie Breastfeeding is supply and demand. The more you tell your body that you want milk to come out the more it will produce. The way you tell your body is through nipple stimulation be it a pump or your baby's latch. If your body doesn't know you want milk then it won't produce it plain and simple. In this picture is before & after. The first is showing what she was able to get out with a pump then the second Now you need to do this regularly in order to see results.


Antenatal (Before Birth) Milk Pumping - preserving your milk for baby & bringing it to the hospital or birth center. Then babe will have your breastmilk if anything happens, even if you die! OK - of course, I'm not 'preparing' for THAT extreme - but you never know! Better to have it and donate the milk to fellow birthing moms if you don't need it after all. In UK and Australia the moms who practice it don't need it because they already got everything in working order BY pumping before birth.


Inducing Labor Safely: How to Get Your Water to Break

Inducing Labor Safely: How to Get Your Water to Break - Common ways to try to induce labor naturally include nipple stimulation, sex, spicy food, and exercise.