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Nissan's Electric Car Can Be Hacked, Says Researcher

Nissan's Electric Car Can Be Hacked, Says Researcher | Fast Company | Business + Innovation


1947 Nissan Tama Electric Car

Tama Electric Car from Tokyo Electric Cars Co. They realized the need for an alternative means of energy besides petroleum in Japan...after WWI. This car is cool looking. Why didn't we support electric vehicles?


Self-Driving Nissan Electric Car Takes to Highway


Drivers of Nissan electric cars in Great Britain will be able to sell electricity back to the grid. Later this year Nissan Motors Co. Ltd will launch a trial in partnership with Enel which is an Italian multinational renewable energy corporation and National Grid the Great Britain electric power transmission network. The Automaker will select 100 drivers of electric cars in the U.K. and provide a unique software which will enable their vehicles to 'sell' excess electricity back to the grid…

How green is an electric car?

How #green is a #Nissan electric car? Research Leaf: Call Us Today: 866-234-4833

Nissan hits back at Top Gear

Mark mentioned briefly today that a great deal of people are apprehensive about electric vehicles as they are often misinformed. One media example involved Jeremy Clarkson pushing a Nissan Electric Car along the road when the battery ran flat during filming an episode of Top Gear, before informing viewers that electric cars “are not for the future”. The show received backlash from Nissan for misleading people about the car’s battery, as it was only 40% charged at the beginning of the…