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Vasily I Dmitriyevich was the Grand Prince of Moscow, heir of Dmitry Donskoy. He ruled as a Great Horde vassal between 1389-1395, and again in 1412-1425. Mongol emir Timur's raid on the Volgan regions in 1395 resulted in the Golden Horde's state of anarchy for the next years and the independence of Moscow. In 1412, Vasily reinstated himself as the Horde's vassal.


Female Overcoat 'Odezhina' Russia, 19th century Name: Female Overcoat 'Odezhina' Place of creation: Russia Date: 19th century School: Nizhny Novgorod Province Material: raspberry silk


Stroganov Church in Nizhny Novgorod, #Russia. Yeah, it looks like St.Basil's Cathedral in Red Square, we know that. #Russian medieval architechture has pretty much a fairytale atmoshere.