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In Minnesota, like most states, the process of making claims begins with insurance coverage. However, if insurance won’t cover the losses caused by an accident, you may elect to pursue legal action. There are three possible claims you can make in wake of a car accident: property damage, no-fault benefits, and personal or bodily injury claims. Property damage claims are usually paid by the insurance company covering the at-fault driver. If you have comprehensive or collision coverage

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So for all the finger pointing, & all the people who are hoping ACA will fail, take a look at the number of people who are now COVERED WITH HEALTH INS. WHO HAVE PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS who were PREVIOUSLY DENIED...Now, tell me how it is a failure. The number of new enrollees does NOT include the millions who have already benefited from the ACA.


Believe it, it IS the truth. This is exactly what happened. Big Insurance does not want you to believe the ACA will work. The ACA's sole purpose is to REGULATE Big Insurance. So they will do anything to keep the American People ignorant of the good that will come through the ACA. Anyone telling you otherwise is lying, plain and simple. Do your homework.