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It Sucks When You Have To Pretend You're Okay Just Because You Know No One Will Truly Understand Your Pain.


No one understands... They tell me I will be ok, but if they could see inside my head and heart and feel what I feel, they would never say that again

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It seems insane sometimes how oblivious people are to the war you are fighting inside. &that makes the war just a little bit harder to win

And thats as far as it goes. No one even understands what's wrong or why im still upset. No one understands that i feel like such a failure and a horrible person. Its over and done and I should be over it too evidently

No one understands how true this is... I support friends all the time but they don't see me breaking..

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There are so many different levels of perception. Ye,t if how one perceives in not filtered through integrity, there is no plausibility of communication...

Behind her smile, there is a story you would never understand. Love this life..filled with gratitude.【ツ】


No one understands better than others who went through it. Most won't understand at all.


Great morning devotional. Especially when going through the tougher times of life. No one understands those times like Joni