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No Spend Month & Save Hundreds!

Do you know what a no spend challenge is? Let me show you how our family cut over $400 out of our monthly budget all by starting our first ever no spend month and how YOU can save even more money!

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Fiscal Fast: How to Survive a No Spending Challenge

We're starting this month with a no spending challenge! How can you survive a fiscal fast without going crazy? Or failing? You need a plan. Get one in four simple steps! ::


I need to do this - originator says her fingers are covering the NO in front of stationery, craft supplies, clothes & shoes - which makes more sense!

from One Beautiful Home

No Spend Challenge - 2016 Cards

It has been one full day since I started my two week no spend challenge. So far, I have been successful - granted I did not go anywhere yesterday, but hey - a success is a success! When I announced last week, that I was going to do this no spend challenge starting March 7th until March 21st, I ...

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How To Have A No-Spend Year ... With Kids!!

Saving money is a challenge for all families. Having a no spend year with kids is especially hard. It takes a strict budget and a lot of sincere effort at frugal living to be successful at having a no spend year with kids. These simple tips are a great place to start.

from Frugal Debt Free Life - Limitless Life on a Limited Budget

September No Spend challenge + Eating from the pantry

Fall is coming! While some people like to spring clean I don't like to clean at all. Just kidding. I like to fall clean. And one of the ways I am going to fall clean is through a no spend challenge and an eat the pantry challenge.