No text back meme

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your always on your phone. those rare times i text u tho, you hardly text back straight away like i do. no its ok tho, if…

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This always irritated me.. its like when were together, you're always on your phone, I see you on snapchat and on others chats and you're glued to your phone, but why was it when I texted,there was always an excuse to why you couldn't text back.. ugh why? Smh #latenightthought #hadtoleaveitbehindme #ididntdeservethat

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Mommydave just broke up with me :( i'm so sad.. | aw it's ok! let's go get ice cream. | ok (: promise? | promise | hahahahah just kidding. I'm just hungry. NO GOING BACK. you promised.. | you are an evil child.

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Well unless something happens to yourself in the future... in which case there is no future self of yourself to go back in time to stop you doing whatever it is....

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You know who you are. translation: i texted you. Why did you not text me back?

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