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[Noisettes -- Never Forget you] -- "Im Sorry Im A Little Late You Know The Stripes On A Tiger Are Hard To Change I Know This, World Feels Like And Empty Stage I Wouldn't Change A Thing So Glad Your Back Aga-ai-in Il Never Forget Chou They Said We'd Never Make It My, Sweet, Joy Always Remember Me"


Album: Road Salt I Progressive Metal Sweden Lyrics: When all are dizzy and happy from too much wine I leave the party behind To be alone with my thoughts and...


[HD] Noisettes - Never Forget You (Live - New Pop Festival 2009) - I can't decide if I'm in love or just jealous of her legs

The Noisettes - Never Forget You [lyrics], via YouTube. This song is played in the movie, Leap Year. Love it!


The Noisettes - Never Forget You Perchè le belle vibrazioni sono come i buoni amici. Non si dimenticano.

from Simple & Interesting.

Music for my soul : Noisettes – Never Forget You.