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A total of 20,967 men, women, and children were imprisoned in the Romani (Gypsy) camp between February 26, 1943 and July 21, 1944. This figure does not include about 1,700 Romnies from Bialystok, who were not entered in the records. Suspected of carrying typhus, they were sent straight to the gas chambers and exterminated.


Cancrum Oris, commonly known as Noma, is gangrene of the face, and for some reason it affects the children more often than adults. It eats away the the tissues and musculature around the jaws


Malnutrition brings a terrible disease to children in Niger

This child's face is disfigured by a terrible condition called Noma. It's like gangrene and affects the face, and the victims are mainly children living in poverty under the age of 6.


Cancrum oris, also called noma, is a well-known, devastating infectious disease. It’s a highly opportunistic disorder. A mix of bacteria work together to destroy the tissue of the face, particularly of the mouth and cheek