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Non-Fiction Insert for Reading Journals - What I like about this is most common source is upper left and least commonly used source is in lower right, with others sources from most to least used based on their relationship to these 2 corners.


Common Core - I think I may just repin everything common core related and then sit down and read them all one day


A Student's Guide to Non-Fiction

The perfect resource to help introduce students to the genre of Non-Fiction. It is a Reference Guide for students to refer to when learning about, exploring, and responding to non-fiction texts. It is perfect for students in upper elementary!! This flip book is divided into 4 parts: Non-Fiction Genres, Text Features, Text Structures, and Reading Response.


FREE Non-fiction Text Features packet. This packet includes everything your PRIMARY students will need to learn about text features. There is a scavenger hunt worksheet, for use with ANY non-fiction book, with picture cues for each non-fiction text feature. There is also a cut and paste activity so your students can make their own text feature posters.