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Why Non-Smoking Hotel Rooms Aren't Really Smoke-Free

Non-Smoking Hotel Rooms Can Still Expose You To Smoke: Study -- Think you're saving yourself from cigarette smoke by booking a non-smoking hotel room? Think again. A new study in the journal Tobacco Control shows evidence that "thirdhand smoke" -- which is air that's been polluted by tobacco smoke -- is present in both smoking and non-smoking rooms.


If you’re a habitual smoker, there’s a good chance that at least one person has warned you about the dangers of cigarettes. At this point, most people are well aware of the health effects from cigarettes and other tobacco products, but when it comes to restorative dentistry, smoking poses a particularly noteworthy threat. Specifically, dental implants face an increased risk of failure in smokers, especially those who continue smoking throughout the implant process. 352-978-0908


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Non Smoking

Non Smoking! I recently sold some things for a family member and have a rating of "smelling like smoke". It never even crossed my mind to wash them as she told me she cleaned them the night before I picked them up. Maybe the mail carrier smoked!?! But I take pride in my closet and it broke me to see this. So just incase you see that rating just know your item will not reek of cigarettes! My hubby smokes baby has asthma and it is not welcome in my home! Accessories


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