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Nonstop (2014) - An air marshall must spring into action aboard an international flight. #movies #movies2014 #imdb

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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014)

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies ( New Zealand | USA, 2014) Bilbo the hobbit and his valiant dwarf friends take on multiple armies in their quest to protect and keep the treasures of the Mountain. The sheer magnitude of the cinematography with non-stop action and intrigue with fabulously detailed sets, decor, costumes and a fantastic cast is a satisfying conclusion to the Hobbit trilogy. 3.6 stars


NON-STOP. If you like Taken.....then you'll like this one too. I wish Liam Neeson is on the same flight as I am every time I fly a plane.....i'll probably feel secure. =)


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Safe House (2012)

Safe House (2012) This is not my kind of film, but there were slim pickings on Israeli TV the other night. That said, I like Denzel Washington as much as the next person and Ryan Reynolds is easy on the eyes. I just don't get these action films where there is such a lack of realism that the protagonists can practically fly. It somehow makes it dull, despite non-stop action.


Bad Boys Bad Boys....what cha gonna do?? What cha gonna do when they come for you.


Esther : Sorti en 2009, Esther du titre original « Orphan » a fait trembler les foyers. De production américano-canado-germano-française, Esther a été réalisé par Jaume Collet-Serra (La Maison de cire, Non-Stop, Sans identité,…). Une famille, composée d’un couple et de deux enfants, décide d’adopter une petite fille nommée Esther. Petit à petit, des tensions apparaissent, des événements dramatiques arrivent …


Non-Stop Movie Poster - Liam Neeson #MoviePoster, #ActionAdventure…

Daily dose of Bellamy Blake - 12 down, ? days until #The100 S2


Black Hawk Down best war movie I've seen non stop war action from start to finish.. Keeps you on the edge of your seat.. Don't tip the coke..