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Normal Baby Temp

This makes my heart melt! Beautiful baby twins, Baby girl on left is not expected to survive, however when her twin was placed in the incubator with her, he placed his arm over her, and her temp rose, her heart stabilised and she lived! Ah amazing!


BEE AND PUPPYCAT #6 Retail Price:$3.99 Authors: Natasha Allegri and Garrett Jackson Artist: Natasha Allegri Cover Artists: A. Caroline Breault B. Zac Gorman C. Natalie Nourigat (INCENTIVE) Nothing can ever be normal for poor Bee, and that includes getting strange house guests that make her non-temp life seem more like a full-time job! PuppyCat doesn’t say this often...well, he does, but he’s got a big case of the “Told-you-so’s” that Bee will definitely not want to hear.