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Apparently that's how my now ex-husband thought...I wasn't enough for him..he needed to get in every skirt he could.......this quote is wrong. HE is not enough. If you try and he doesn't appreciate you, HE is the one losing out. I'm still trying to accept that too.

You show me in your actions and it slips out in your conversation.. I just struggle with why you still contact me. You know all I've been through with my ex and yet you want to do the same thing to me. Why do you think I deserve this?!?!?


I've pinned this for those of us honest and truthful enough with ourselves that this feeling/thought that overtakes us; but, it doesn't mean we intend to "not-exist" ! All life is one day after another.


It may always sting but I'm learning to be okay with knowing that not everyone will feel I am enough, some people with think I am too much, and I am probably not done hearing "if only". Thankfully I have not given up hope that one day I will find the heart that was meant to love me and not only will I be their "just right" but we will be each others "one and only". -Soul Inspired Heart


Reasons we think we need to be someone but ourselves. Theses are all lies. The truth is you are more than enough for Jesus.


Twice was enough for me in my life. Today, things are much different because I did it God's way, not my own. Thankful <3 I pray for those whose hearts are longing for His comfort, and His love that will never leave!


Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve love at all. I was always trying hard to love her unconditionally but in the process I started hating myself for not being good enough for her.


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I was too much and not enough for a man who was everything and nothing at all. - Jessica Katoff