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This pin makes the rounds from time to time, and I always feel compelled to point out that this is the problem with the judeo-christian ethic right THERE. No. You do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. There is no reward involved, no heaven, it doesn't make you a hero. You should naturally want to treat people fairly, because to do otherwise would inflict needless suffering. For a decent human being, that is enough.

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And that's all folks

"It is not fair to ask of others what you are unwilling to do yourself." Eleanor Roosevelt #quote #roosevelt

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When kids say "It's not fair", you can tell them this.

This ideology should be applied to everything. Socialism tells us we should involuntarily give away so those who are poor (but also lazy) should have enough. We need not to force others to give, but voluntarily give to those who can't do it on their own.

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Chapter 23: Everyone but Atticus is worried about Bob Ewell wanting to get even for making him look like a fool in court. Scout, is now furious because of Aunt Alexsandras reaction to her wanting to invite a Cunningham over, to calm her down Jem shows her his chest hair that is hardly visible. Tom is moved to another prison, Atticus in confident about Tom winning.

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Life is not fair - get used to it.

Life is not fair - get used to it Haha my parents had this on the fridge and every time my sister said "that's not fair" they made her read the whole thing. Then one day it mysteriously disappeared...

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Love like I'm not scared Give when it's not fair Live life for another Take time for a brother Fight for the weak ones Speak out for freedom Find faith in the battle Stand tall but above it all Fix my eyes on you - For King and Country | Sarah made this with

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How to Deal With Intense Twin Flame Relationships

Meeting your twin flame is a pivotal point in your life. Everything seems to hinge on that moment and life as you know it, will never be the same again. However, many people may be at a point in ...