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..yes, there are a couple of people I wish I never had allowed in my space and allowed them to know me . But you can bet I won't do it again.


Told this to Travis just the other day. They were never your true friends. God revealed that to you in the past 6 months. Fake is not Christian. Hug you at a funeral and talk about you behind your back? God will handle them. Let it go.


We used to be so close. I wish we could be friends like before.. I know everything you have said about me.. Which only came from the influence of others. I will be nice to you, I will treat you like a friend. But you are, in no shape or form, my friend. I don't want to be friends with a person who looks down on me, and tries to hurt me. I will forgive you, but I'm done with you.

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Move on, keeping your head held high and knowing that you gave it your all & did more than enough, but ultimately you can't make people what they're not... that's when it's time to move on...