How to draw anime just not what i expected xD
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McKayla Maroney on how the "Not Impressed" Face Changed her Life

Liv Tyler aka Arwen. # Believe in Tupac Liv Tyler: No hope on you Irawaen? Hatake: Marah betul bibir(I'm aragorn but Justin biebier) Song Da Hae: I'm live with Takuya KImura(jealous)

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Gymnast Mckayla Maroney and President Obama strike the "McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed" meme pose that made her famous on the internet.

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Her not impressed face

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I am so impressed with how well this remedy works to get rid of pimples (almost) overnight! ▫️You will need: • 1/2 tsp (not tbsp) of ground cinnamon • Fresh lemon juice ▫️Here's what to do: • Mix cinnamon and lemon juice until you get a thick paste. • Apply directly on top of the pimple. • Leave on for 5-7 minutes (I left it on for 7 minutes, I have dry skin) • Wash and moisturize face as usual. ✨Your pimple should be gone in a day or so! ▫️Benefits: • Cinnamon: antibacterial…

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When Boo practiced his “not impressed” face. | Community Post: The 40 Cutest Pictures Of Boo And Buddy

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