Isn't this the cutest bunk room? It's feminine, but not overly girly. Love the mix of polka dots, buffalo check, gingham and floral. So, so cute! The mix of metals, the indoor/outdoor caged light, the rolling ladder. Especially love that you know this is a girls bunk, but they painted it that beautiful soft blue and just added the hint of pink in the bedding.

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i thinks that's why even when you haven't talked to me in forever you know if you ask ill say yes

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This is so important. Without feminism, women would not have control over their bodies (currently in jeopardy thanks to republicans though), their husbands could legally rape them, they would not be allowed to work, own property, or do anything without their husband's permission, wouldn't be able to vote, women would literally still be property instead of citizens, you couldn't drive, leave the house without permission, or even go to college. THESE are the things Feminism has fought for and…

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What I don't understand is how ya'll can be "dating" but you never even had a conversation or even had each others phone numbers. That IS NOT HOW THINGS WORK! She even admits when your not in the dugout that she only says ya'll are together so she can say she has a bf so what the hell is this! All I see is how dysfunctional it is.... I wonder how it doesn't hurt you.

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❥ NAMASTE! by Richard Gere.. "I wish you happiness." Sometimes it is very difficult when you encounter the enemy, when you find yourself face to face with an unexpected difficult and serious situation.. And I very helpful meditations that teach not to let negative emotions prevail . You get the opportunity to create space around you . You see how this negative emotion emerged, until that takes precedence over you and you manage to transform..

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I hate that we don't know what could've been, what might've happened, how it should've ended. I hate that you never gave us that chance, me a chance, and for that, I should hate you. I really should, but I can't, I just can't

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If it hurts you still care. This is when you know if you're really over it or not

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one direction over again sheet music flute | Flute Sheet Music: Not Over You

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