I saw these guys in concert last night! It was freaking awesome!

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People always ask me why I listen to "demonic" music. Well I have something to tell you. What you might consider demonic, I consider it life saving. It is in no means demonic. This is Vic Fuentes from pierce the veil. I love this band so much and nothing you say can change that

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Nothing more u r my favorite band of all time thank u 4 just making ur music i really appreciate it dude and I love yall man

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A soundtrack for life... it's probably the most beautiful song I've heard in...well, ever? Definitely worth taking 4 minutes to hear it! ((The Alternate Routes- "Nothing More"))

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Until i have a bf...then maybe i will like him better..its a 50/50 chance

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There's is nothing more comfortable then an Old T Shirt. So when you no longer wear them, why not turn them into comfy throw pillows! Dave and I are avid concert goers, so with concerts comes conce...

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Bongo Elastic Ties - DIY - STROBIST®. Best way to organize cords and gear. (in a pinch, you could use a rubber band or hair tie and a small piece of stick)

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Found This Is The Time (Ballast) by Nothing More with Shazam, have a listen: http://www.shazam.com/discover/track/107364009

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