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NRA and REPUBLICAN Agenda...GREED+PROFIT before Children's lives. They value money and nothing else.

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TSA Agent Killed in Shooting at Los Angeles International Airport

If you say guns kill people one more time I will shoot you with a gun and you will, coincidentally, die

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The official Instagram of AR15.COM. We are the world's largest #firearm community and have been family owned and operated since since 1996. #AR15 #2A

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How The NRA Built A Massive Secret Database Of Gun Owners

How The NRA Built A Massive Secret Database Of Gun Owners - While the National Rifle Association publicly fights against a national gun registry, the organization has gone to incredible lengths to compile information on “tens of millions” of gun owners — without their consent.

While not precisely correct, there was a distinct element of truth in this accusation. See

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Have a colorful, concealed workout in Dene Adams #fitness #ccw #concealedcarry #NRA #2A #deneadams #nike #gunsdaily #gunchannels #wesponsdaily #gunfanatics #crossfit #neon

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