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Nrg Energy

from POPSUGAR Fitness

Relieve Sore Neck Pain

I have always loved rocks and crystals without knowing about the unique properties of each. This metaphysical crystal healing chart gives some really interesting basic info.


Just sit a moment with that thought; nothing is solid. Everything vibrates at a certain frequency to match your vibration and appear solid, the moment you begin to raise your own vibration with an open mind you'll sometimes see only swirling particles instead of objects. It also allows for the unseen to become visible, as if you're opening up a new world -which actually exist all around us now but we just can't see it.


Black Tourmaline is a highly protective stone against negative energy, I wouldn't use anything else. Also provides spiritual grounding essential for spiritual workers and beginners alike, don't be without one. Assists the 1st (Base/Root) Chakra.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Potential and Kinetic Energy

Potential and Kinetic Energy Hands-on Science lesson plan. Includes teacher directions, student directions and follow up questions. This is a memorable activity that students love. Uses basic household supplies to create a pop can 'car', clearly demonstrating potential and kinetic energy and allowing students to experiment with energy form and energy transfer.

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TLC NRG Energy Tablets All Natural Energy (30 Tablets) Month Supply

TLC NRG Energy Tablets All Natural Energy (30 Tablets) Month Supply…

Learning Goal: We are learning to explain the different forms of energy we encounter every day, and to make choices about the types of energy we use.