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The Rationals (INTP,ENTP,INTJ,ENTJ). Too funny. I know a few ENTJs and INTJs but don't know an ENTP yet...

NTs: I haven't laughed like this in a long time! :)

Need Bible Verses to help you pray in the morning? Click To Read 15 Encouraging Bible Verses About Morning Prayer! Wake up to some great Scriptures that you can put anywhere in your room.

Couldn't say it better myself

As an INFJ, my motivators are the NF combination; this chart is perfection

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INTJ--there are around 9 or 10 things that I can't associate with strongly but the rest is spot on

Everything you need to know before reading the book of Mark.

I wouldn't say these are exclusive to specifically INTPs (likely NPs, NTs, or Introverts in general), but still entertaining

Free for Kindle -- NT Bible Study Tools

Oh my god!!! This is what my bracelet says!! I've haven't taken this bracelet off in almost 4 years!!! ♥

We all have them in our lives. They may never change, but we can become better people by dealing with them biblically. ~ Click image and when it enlarges, click again to read this 1-minute devotion.

Looking for a Bible reading plan for the coming year... check out this post!

Books of the Bible song sheet music! My kids love to play their Awana songs on the piano - now they can add this to their repertoire. Great resource!

Be the Mom You Want Them to Remember - fantastic advice and reminder for every day. Even when we fail as moms. www.courtneydefeo...

INTJ the Mastermind | Decorating for your Personality | Mrs. Fancee << I couldn't find ISTJ. :(

Blessed is the boy who begins life with a mom in his corner.