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The Rationals (INTP,ENTP,INTJ,ENTJ). Too funny. I know a few ENTJs and INTJs but don't know an ENTP yet...

NTs: I haven't laughed like this in a long time! :)

The Illustrated Online Bible Study Project - Bible Facts. Read more in the Introduction: www.BibleVersesAb...

As an INFJ, my motivators are the NF combination; this chart is perfection

Beautiful custom quotes from I needed the reminder that prayer is so much powerful than panic!

What is My Nature...My name is Sandra and I am an INFJ with no wiggle room. I have always tested INFJ for many years. I like it. I do wonder how difficult it is for INFJs to meet other INFJs in the real world? Are there type clubs?:)

Couldn't say it better myself

American's REMEMBER,"There is NO SECURITY, NO SAFETY in the appeasement of evil." -- Ronald Reagan

An important factor to a fulfilling career is that your work matches your personality style. There are several other key factors, but personality style is a great starting point.

I wouldn't say these are exclusive to specifically INTPs (likely NPs, NTs, or Introverts in general), but still entertaining

Looking for a Bible reading plan for the coming year... check out this post!

You have to love yourself because no amount of love from others is sufficient to fill the yearning that your soul requires from you.

INTJ the Mastermind | Decorating for your Personality | Mrs. Fancee << I couldn't find ISTJ. :(

Everything You Need To Know About James | Articles | NewSpring Church

Game of Thrones Myers Briggs... I am Renly Baratheon. Which means I am idealistic and... dead very soon.