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Metalcore, Deathcore, Hardcore, NDH, Melodic Metal, Nu Metal, White Metal, Christian Metal, Brutal Metal, Gothic Metal, Emocore, Alternative Metal, Ambient Metal, Trancecore, Melodic Death Metal, Mainstream Metal, Electrocore, Post Hardcore, Symphonic Black Metal, Cello Metal, Unblack Metal, Crust Punk, Death 'n' Roll, Technical Death Metal, Drone Metal, Extreme Metal, Pagan Metal, Samurai Metal, Sludge Metal, Grunge Metal, Rap Metal, Groove Metal, Funk Metal, Crossover, Nintendocore, Latin…

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You take my life and I'll take yours too....<<you fire your musket but I'll run you through.... (Steve Harris is an absolute legend. He has more metal in his right hand than most "nu metal" bands have in their whole body!)

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Old school Kittie; kinda sound like a She-Metallica now, but I still have a play list with Brackish in rotation

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Nu metal (also known as nü-metal and aggro-metal) is a form of alternative metal that combines elements of heavy metal music with elements of other music genres such as hip hop, alternative rock, funk and grunge. Nu metal bands have drawn elements and influences from a variety of musical styles, including multiple genres of heavy metal. Nu metal rarely features guitar solos; the genre is heavily syncopated and based on guitar riffs. Many nu metal guitarists use seven-string guitars that are…

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