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This is one of many abandoned Russian submarines near the Arctic. When the Russians get tired of their ships they tie them up somewhere and walk away. Many, many nuclear submarines like this lie half or fully sunk at rotting docks contaminating acres around them with radiation. Very little security is provided and anyone can go aboard, although this is treacherous due to no lights and vandals and scavengers stripping them. Radioactive surplus is often found on the market in Russia.

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This is an American nuclear submarine graveyard in Puget Sound. When nuclear submarines come to the end of their life the reactors are removed and the subs tied up here until they are deemed safe to break up. Some of these subs have been here for 16 or more years so it appears it takes a very long time for the radiation to dissipate. The ship is a contaminated nuclear support ship that is also abandoned. It was used to support and supply nuclear submarines at sea. No one is allowed near the…

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Los buques de la aviación y la Offshore Technology: la India se unirán a la liga de élite del submarino nuclear poseer countriesINS Chakra (un monstruo de mar 8000 Ton) primer submarino de propulsión nuclear de la India INS Chakra que se encargó de hoy. Ahora la India se unirá a la liga de élite de los países submarinos nucleares poseer, los otros son los EE.UU., Rusia, el Reino Unido, Francia y China.

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Amazing Photos Of Russia Dismantling An Outdated Nuclear Submarine

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Third Borey-Class Strategic Nuclear Submarine Joins Russian Navy

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