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Never allow yourself to become numb. NEVER. An awful defense mechanism of my immediate past I'm so grateful I have been able to work thru and conquer.

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All day every day.... #introvert #infp

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Constant struggle between caring too much and not caring at all.

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never take more than you can handle, it will consume your heart and soul.

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A Beautiful Quotes For You !!

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Noelito Flow

Im slowly becoming numb to the pain. Im healing I guess......maybe but it reminds me more of you than me

I only hate feeling numb when I forget to respond to something like a normal person would. Something that would outrage others would cause me to say "What did you expect?" Human nature is a beast.

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heart 14's like you're feeling everything all at once, but so numb at the same time :-/ Been there. Thankful i made it through.

"I hate the feeling when you really don't have any emotion. you feel so empty. you're not happy, you're not sad, you're nothing. when your mind is spinning but you can't feel anything"

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25 reasons women make emotional decisions Poems About Dead inside | ... learned how to hide inside of myself i learned how to be somebody

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