's like you're feeling everything all at once, but so numb at the same time :-/ Been there. Thankful i made it through.

Quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald: "The loneliest moment in someone's life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.

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Top 30 sad Quotes

"How did you get so empty?" "When people leave, thet take a part of you with them. So many have left, and there's nothing left to take." "Please don't be sad" "Darling, you can't be sad when your empty. You can't ve anything.

No ~ you just have to care smart.  A strong person NEVER stops caring ~ they just learn their boundaries & distance themselves just enough.

It sucks when people accuse u , when u know yourself, u did nothing wrong! N they want u to apologize for something you did not do! So what's the point of trying to prove urself I just can't care anymore

Definitely at hopelessness

I will nvr understand what's going on in your mind. but surely i want to be there. thoughts will be cancelled if they find double minuses. minus minus makes plus.

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I don't feel anymore. I crave feeling. Any feeling and all feeling. But all I get is this constant, endless numb

Denice Envall - "You think being dead inside is bad until someone brings you back to life". relationships, hurt, sadness, depression, feelings, unrequited-love, depression-quotes, numbness

Denice Envall - "You think being dead inside is bad until someone brings you back to life"

never take more than you can handle, it will consume your heart and soul.

I am numb and if I try to explain that to my family I'm sure they won't understand . They're so ignorant when it comes to this stuff .

BEST QUOTES ABOUT LOVE- #thepersonalquotes

BEST QUOTES ABOUT LOVE- #thepersonalquotes