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is a great math center to use in your classroom during the spring! Students match number pairs that equal 10. This product includes brightly colored, fun flowers with the number 10 on them and green leaves with different numbers printed on them. Students can use two leaves that add up to 10 and pair them together. When set up, each flower should resemble a number bond. Keep students accountable for their work by adding the included worksheet to your lesson.

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*** FREE This is a set of number cards with a Valentine's Day theme, 0-10. Three cards for each number - the number, a ten-frame representation, and the number word. Use for recognition, sequence, memory games, flash cards, hiding and finding games, and of course, matching.

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Awesome teen number book for kindergarten! An activity page for every number 10-20. Great for number recognition and number concept. There are silly rhymes for each number too!

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