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Developing Part/Whole Thinking

I’ve been working with my firsties on composing and decomposing the numbers 3, 4, and 5.  Last week, I used number bond cards and manipulatives–linking cubes and ten-frames–to introduce the idea of number bonds.  Read more about that here.  Over the weekend, I finished up a set of cards showing pictorial representations for numbers bonds, …


A fun mathematical song for primary children about number bonds. Number bonds are a visual representation of a whole number broken into parts. Instant recall of number bond facts helps children with the addition and subtraction of numbers. Watch Secret Agent Number Bond crack the number codes!


Super easy and FUN number bond game. All you need are paper plates, markers, and unifix cubes!


This number bond template can be printed and laminated to create individual mats for students to complete number sets and build their number fluency. Use dry erase markers to reuse the mats during whole-group or partner games. To solidify concrete understanding of number relationships, these mats can be used with small manipulatives such as beads, pasta noodles, beans, and much more!