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Number hundreds

Place value die... a cube for tens and ones. Can easily be extended for larger numbers... hundreds, one thousands, ten thousands etc - Image only, but the image is inspiration enough!

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Number Sense Routines Book Study: Chapter Four

Little Minds at Work: Number Sense Routines Book Study: Chapter Four free 100s chart

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Hundred Chart Patterns Printables

Hundred Chart Patterns Printables - I want to modify for kindergarten for numbers 1-30

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Free Hundred Chart and 10 Ways to Use It

Free Hundred Chart and 10 Ways to Use It - Playdough To Plato

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FREE Rudolph Hundreds Chart Mystery Picture - practice place value and number sense while having fun this Christmas season!

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Lil' Country Kindergarten: Even More Hundreds Charts for Holidays and Activities {Freebies}

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100 Chart Puzzles (First Last!)

100 Chart Puzzles

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Finding Prime & Composite numbers by using the Sieve of Eratosthenes

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15 brilliant ways to use a hundred chart. Lots of great math games teaching the numbers 1-120.

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Rounding Sort: Whole Numbers to the Nearest Ten, Hundred, & Thousand

Rounding Sort! Great game to practice rounding whole numbers to the tens, hundreds, and thousands. Includes both rounding to the greatest place and rounding to any place. Game includes 12 different versions! 3.NBT.A.1 and 4.NBT.A.3

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