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Venn Diagram to Classify Numbers I really needed this on my last Math test...


Number Theory No Prep Worksheets Divisibility Rules GCF LCM Prime Factorization

This math unit on number theory has it all: Definitions Divisibility Rules Prime or Composite Factors Prime Factorization Greatest Common Factor (2 methods!) Least Common Multiple Practice and Enrichment Sheets


Introduction to Number Theory Learn the fundamentals of number theory from former MATHCOUNTS, AHSME, and AIME perfect scorer Mathew Crawford. Topics covered in the book include primes & composites, multiples & divisors, prime factorization and its uses, base numbers, modular arithmetic, divisibility rules, linear congruences, how to develop number sense, and much more.

Color by Music! Sailboat

As simple and fun as a color-by-number, the students will use the key at the bottom of the page and identify musical symbols: Quarter note, half note, quarter rest, whole note, and eighth-notes.


Wow what an amazing idea to teach the history of the atom to students with learning difficulties. Not only the atom but this method of teaching can be applied to any number of teaching topics. I've also incorporated this activity into my Atomic Theory Lesson, link in the article.


22 Strange Medical Instruments From the Past That Make You Shudder

"'Well, the fifth dimension's a tesseract. You add that to the other four dimensions and you can travel through space without having to go the long way around.'" (Click to cause rotation.) Get more free enrichment and homework resources for A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle at Perfect for classrooms, after-school clubs, and homeschool co-ops!


free download! Would also be great for solfege, matching Do-Re-Mi's with their scale degree numbers (1-2-3's). The cherries could be the letters A-G, exploring scales starting on different notes, for more advanced students.


Number Theory: Simplifying Fractions - Greatest Common Factor and Prime Factors

Number Theory: Greatest Common Factor, Divisibility Rules, Prime Factor Trees, Simplify Fractions by dividing out Common Factors ...