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Numerical Aperture

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Corning HI 1060 High Numerical Aperture Fiber

Corning's HI 1060 fiber features high numerical aperture and high core index of refraction. It operates single mode at attenuation),

Iris folding is a technique that involves laying strips of paper, following a pattern,in numerical order over a cutout aperture. Description from I searched for this on

Marker-free nanoscopy is a transmission type holographic microscopy that employs two opposed high-numerical-aperture microscope objectives in its core

Scientech 2515 Mode Characteristics in Fiber Optics experimental setup has been designed to study the mode characteristics of different fiber optic cables. The two basic types of fiber, Single Mode and Multi Mode can be characterized by measuring Numerical Aperture and the Normalized Frequency (V number) parameter, which guides modes that are allowed to propagate in a particular waveguide structure. When V<2.405, only single mode propagates in the waveguide and when V>2.405, the other modes…

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What are Aperture and Shutter Speed?

Excellent explanation of aperture and shutter speed...with pictures demonstrating different f/stops an shutter speeds.


Full Stop Down (and UP) : In photography, stopping down refers to increasing the numerical f-stop number (for example, going from f/2 to f/4), which decreases the size (diameter) of the aperture of a lens, resulting in reducing the amount of light entering the iris of a lens.