How Monsanto and biotech companies violate the Nuremberg Code with inhumane experiments on humans

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Nuremberg Code It is unlawful to impose a medical procedure on anyone without Informed Consent...

Nuremberg Code - Wikipedia, On August 20, 1947,[1] the judges delivered their verdict in the "Doctors' Trial" against Karl Brandt and 22 others.[1] These trials focused on doctors involved in the human experiments in concentration camps.[2] The suspects were involved in over 3,500,000 sterilizations of German citizens.[2] The trials began on December 9, 1946 in Nuremberg, Germany and were led exclusively by the United States. Harry Truman approved these trials in January 1946.[3] Most of the…

The Nuremberg Code is a set of research ethics principles for human experimentation set as a result of the subsequent Nuremberg trials at the end of the Second World War. ||

N.Y. Law Professor Addresses U.N. on Government Vaccine Policies Violating the Nuremberg Code

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