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Watercolor Figure Studies | Alan White figure studies in watercolour and pastel

Kijk nu zelf: wat zie je in de voorstelling en wat kun je zeggen over de vormgeving van dit kunstwerk?

picasso- one of my favorites..there are so many different ways to see the same picture and it's beautiful in it's simplicity.

Photo d'Helmut Newton (1920-2004) photographe australien d'origine allemande. Il est connu pour ses photographies de mode et de nus féminins.

Artwork by Kevin Beilfuss - Really like the lost and found lines and use of light in this piece


Since I spend a lot of time making art with a toddler by my side, Im always finding new ways to... of my all time favorites..ever.. Totally. :)

FleurdeSucre - DiY - Des etiquettes personnalisees pour les sachets de mouchoirs - Pour les larmes de joie - La mariee aux pieds nus


Constantin Brancusi, Autoportrait dans l'atelier, les Colonnes sans fin I a IV, Le Poisson

Sadanobu III Hasegawa (1881-1963) - Princess from the Bunraku theater - Japan - ca. 1950

Mademoiselle Fiona - Un mariage pastel dans Paris - La mariee aux pieds nus

Art journal inspiration. Flower doodles in a notebook, by iHanna of

Sebastien Boudot - Un mariage dans le Beaujolais - La mariee aux pieds nus

Nu-Kua - ancient chinese goddess of creation and divine foremother of humans. Half woman, half dragon who wanders the earth. She created order from primordial chaos of the universe, settling the land, the sea and the sky into place.

Colours now: the artist (Line Juhl Hansen) looking for colours and textures for her next project. #art

Flesh-Covered Furniture Sculptures - Jessica Harrison Covers Household Objects with Human Flesh (GALLERY)

the evolution of a doodle by Alisa Burke This is brilliant - am going to try it today

Stunning Wildlife Paintings by Denis Mayer Jr. Vancouver, Canada. "Whistler's Charm".

Masao Yamaoto - works/kawa-1 Photographe japonais, né en 1971, réputé notamment pour ses petits formats. Sujets de prédilection : nature et nus