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Nyc Dob

@Natalia Chiles You know me too well! I think the 4 of us could do some serious damage there.

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I just read 16 reasons why Dylan O'Brien is the dork of your dreams and I love him SO MUCH more!! He is so cute, sweet, funny, and weird. I love it!

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I know he's not food, but he is "OMG! YUM!" So, I'll stick Jim in my food category.

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Baseball Boners on

Holy asdfghjkl this is literally the most perfect picture just he's hot and baseball is hot and ugh ♡♡♡

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kaya about dylan o´brien. Ahhh I just love her! First saw her in the brits version of Skins, and she was awesome! My new fave girl, well right after Jennifer Lawrence of course

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