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Police Interview Questions And Answers Are Nearly Always Standard. Check it out


Summer street are great for bike riding, you just need to get there early to avoid the crowd. They also have free bikes and roller blades. I'd get there especially early if you need free wheels.

from NY Daily News

Promotions frozen for 200 NYPD sergeants amid cheat probe

Promotions have been frozen for about 200 NYPD sergeants who passed the lieutenants' exam.

Henry Borelli of the DeMeo Crew. Due to his reputed efficiency as a shooter, Borelli acquired the nickname "Dirty Henry" in homage to the Clint Eastwood movie character Dirty Harry popular in the 1970s. Despite his usefulness as an enforcer and hitman, Borelli could never become a made man in the Gambino family. He was automatically disqualified from family membership because in the early 1970s he took the New York Police Department entrance exam and failed.


TO BE DESTROYED 10/17/16**SECOND TIME ON LIST** A volunteer writes: There is just something about Grace Potter! She can be very bashful and nervous, but so, so sweet! She is quiet in her cage but has started doing a very subtle wiggle when I approach and sometimes even submissively lifts her paw (she'll offer it for treats, too!). She wears her heart in her facial expressions and always seems to be taking everything in. She comes to us as a stray via NYPD so we don't know about her past, but…


A Manhattan judge has sided with seven NYPD Sergeants who filed suit against the city after failing advancement exams– throwing out five of the six questions challenged by the lawsuit as atto…