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How to stay safe in the atomic age: Charming posters from 1947 which show the health risks from radiation

Radiation Safety Poster From 1947. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee.


Graphene EurekAlert! Science News ORNL demonstrates first large-scale graphene fabrication One of the barriers to using graphene at a commercial scale could be overcome using a method demonstrated by researchers at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory.


David Dean, Alfredo Galindo-Uribarri and Chris Bryan of Oak Ridge National Laboratory check on a prototype detector at the High Flux Isotope Reactor, a Department of Energy

The addition of GPUs helped the Titan supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory place atop the Top500 last fall. But the system’s CPUs handle much of the workload on most apps that use Titan. (Photo: Oak Ridge)

Oak Ridge National Laboratory | ORNL

New Electron Microscopy Method Sculpts 3-D Structures at Atomic Level. ORNL researchers used a new scanning transmission electron microscopy technique to sculpt 3-D nanoscale features in a complex oxide material. CREDIT Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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Holy &%$! inventions

“Engineers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee have developed technology for embedding in a highway electric coils that transfer powerto similar coils that could be built under cars. Passing over a single coil at 60 miles per hour won't amount to much, but a long stretch of them could give a car battery significant juice.” Sign me up!

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Electron microscope draws nano-sized patterns in metal ink

Electron microscope draws nano-sized patterns in metal ink One of the greatest challenges in designing electronics is drawing very fine details. You normally need lithography which complicates the process by requiring masks. However Oak Ridge National Laboratory has now found a way to write at an extreme... via Engadget Gadget News Tech News

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Boeing’s new 3D-printed tool for making wings is so big it set a world record

Boeing’s new world record-setting, wing-making #3DPrinter [VIDEO] — #3DPrinting


Official measurement of the 3D printed trim tool co-developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory and The Boeing Company exceeded the required minimum size to achieve the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title of largest solid 3D printed item.