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    Oatmeal Container Crafts

    Homemade Recycled Drums- finally something cool to make out of those empty formula containers

    Decoupage oatmeal canisters with old book pages to make supply containers for your craft room. You can use larger letter cutouts to label them.

    OH use COFFEE CANS and oatmeal containers like the other pin! how simple and cool!!! would look great at theENTRANCE!! great website for cheaper craft supplies

    My kids and I like to recycle cardboard oatmeal canisters by giving them a Christmas makeover. First, we glue white paper around the containers. Then we use odds and ends—felt, bells, buttons, googly eyes—from our craft closet to make hats, scarves, and faces for our snowmen. We fill them with homemade holiday goodies and give them to neighbors, friends, and teachers.

    Cool oatmeal container aquarium craft from RainbowTreeKids! www.rainbowtreeki...

    How To Make Fairy Houses | Oatmeal Box Fairy House - Things to Make and Do, Crafts and Activities ...


    Headband holder-oatmeal container covered in burlap & placed on a candle holder

    Giant Sunflower-need oatmeal containers - tissue paper center...would need to find something to hold up 2 paper plates for 6 dozen...

    Owl oatmeal container craft! I sit this except with: Duct Tape Construction Paper Packing Tape

    Paper Wind Streamer- so simple and yet has big visual impact. That's my favorite mode of holiday decor!

    Clever use of a recycled oatmeal container and straws to practice fine motor skills by MerrimentDesign. Pinned by SPD Blogger Network. For more sensory-related pins, see pinterest.com/...

    Killer Crafts & Crafty Killers Jute and Sea Shells Container

    This guide is about crafts using oatmeal containers. Cardboard oatmeal cylinders can be useful for a variety of crafts and projects.

    Make a Roped Vase from a Recycled Oatmeal Container | 35 DIY Fall Decorating Ideas for the Home | Fall Craft Ideas for Adults

    Something cute to do with Pringles cans or Quaker Oatmeal containers

    Ribbon Headband Holders...might be better than the oatmeal container?

    4th of July Crafts for Kids

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    Adorable Disney Crafts to Celebrate Friendship. We could the bigger paper rolls for this. We could also do micky mouse pencil cases.

    *Home made version can be from a simple circle. Top of an oatmeal container, or cottage cheese or anything. Cut fabric. Make a small 1/4 inch hem or so all around the circle with running stitch and pull tight. That's the old-fashioned method.

    Christmas Crafts, Free Knitting Patterns, Free Crochet Patterns and More from FaveCrafts.com

    oatmeal crib 400x400 step How to Make Oatmeal Containers Baby Doll Cradles Craft for Kids

    What we like to call this craft is a "two-fer"...Reusing old newspaper in addition to reusing cereal boxes or oatmeal containers ♥~ #FB