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What To Expect When Martial Law Is Declared: Click the link and read: The list of Executive Orders have already been signed by past U.S. presidents are in effect immediately upon declaration of a national State of Emergency or Martial Law: You will own nothing and the constitution and your rights and freedoms are null and void. You become slaves to the powers that be or die.


Here's a question for anyone who reads a lot of "conspiracy theories". What if, all these "warnings" about Islam and ISIS, their supposed connections to Obama , even all those "photos" of the "abominable" practices of some Muslims, ARE the false flags to get you so riled up that you demand war against them and YOUR children will die so a few can get rich


WIKILEAK'S DIRECTOR FOUND DEAD Published on Oct 23, 2016 Is all this election fraud and wikileaks about Killary's crimes exposed been pre planned? Are the Globalists allowing all their corruption to be exposed before this election to outrage the public into a revolution? Are we being played? If so O declares an invalid election; and martial law. Obama and his minions stay in power. People riot; kill each other in the streets while they watch and laugh?

from RedFlag News

Jan 24 Martial Law declared in New York City

Martial Law declared in New York City | RedFlag News/// A SNOWSTORM ?? The city has suffered through snowstorms before so you have to ask yourself why are they doing this? Trial run ?