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I wanted to point out some of the words that stuck out to me while listening to Ambassador Diamonds talk about their story! One lost he job to do the Obama healthcare plan and her family needed extra income. One said she is an introvert and never thought she would be a sales person. One only had 250 friends on Facebook with no Instagram made at all! This some person went Ruby in 4 months. One said after three years of being in the business her warm market is cold but she is not stopping…

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666, The Electronic Tattoo, RFID Chip, Obama Healthcare Plan; Is the End Here?

666, The Electronic Tattoo, RFID Chip, Obama Healthcare Plan; Is the End Here? The tattoo RFID sensors can pick up the electrical signals of brain waves and muscle movements in the throat so people can communicate with 'JUST THOUGHT'... SCARY


MUST READ/VIDEOS -- Serco is getting $1.2 billion dollars to process insurance claims for Obamacare.... the partnership between Serco & the Obama healthcare plan seals the deal on the possibility that Obama & the Royal Family are trying to establish a partnership that PRINCE WILLIAM, along with Obama & other world leaders, will require that nations under their rule will become a chipped society & that it will be required for insurance identification & other transactions in the future.


Stephanie Miller of Sandusky Ohio cries on the shoulder of U.S. President Barack Obama at a campaign event July 5, 2012.

Manchin: I’d vote to repeal ObamaCare | TheHill Now he's against it, when before he was for it. #ShadesofJohnKerry

The Obama administration is willing to do whatever it takes to save Obamacare, even if it means breaking the law. Insurance companies like UnitedHealthcare and Aetna are currently losing billions of dollars as they try in vain to sell Obama’s healthcare plans, and the White House is terrified the companies will drop out at the end of …

A loophole in President Obama’s healthcare plan makes it very attractive for US employers to hire illegal immigrants on the Pathway to Citizenship instead of hiring legal US citizens. And if it’s not fixed before the bill passes, millions of jobs across America will be filled by illegal aliens. Over load the system and destroy America is the plan. We stand in the way of the "new world order"...