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Obama Kenya

the one in DC office cant be president as hes born Africa raised in India is head of Al Qaeda and he removed all muslim islamist terrorist cells of the terrorist list therefor he dropped christians/jews/catholics on the terrorist list and congress is silent and doesnt do a dammn thing about it. They could have impeached him long time ago its time the office is cleared. America needs a real president without strings to UN and terrorist cells a GOD fearing man should be in the office!!


Obama tells Students "It's True I'm Not American"..."I come from Kenya". Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Obama's Grandmother's and Kenyan Ambassador ADMIT Barack Hussein Obama was BORN IN KENYA! Well then, sounds like someone needs to be deported and these last 4 years didn't happen!


I stand with Israel, and the worst idiot president in American history can go jump in the lake, go back to Kenya in a leaky boat & take all your "baggage" with you!


Habiba Akumu Obama, President Barack Obama's paternal grandmother, and his father, Barack Obama, Sr., is seated on Habiba's lap.


"Let's face it, Fox, you will miss me when I'm gone," he said. "It will be harder to convince the American people that Hillary was born in Kenya." President Obama, White House Correspondent’s Dinner, 2014