Obama speech tonight

Obama's Speech Tonight Will Be Theater Of The Absurd - Now The End Begins

Obama's speech tonight solidifies him as the worst president in US history. Do you agree?

#BigBlockOfCheeseDay is all set for tomorrow! Do you have questions after President Obama's speech tonight? Send them our way using #BigBlockOfCheeseDay and we'll start answering tomorrow during our day-long Q&A. You feta be there. Learn more at go.wh.gov/CheeseDay. by whitehouse

The Hopeful vs. The Incumbent Jason Zengerle compares Obama’s thrilling, surprising 2004 keynote to last night’s more realistic DNC acceptance speech: Obama’s speech tonight could not avoid harkening back to the one from eight years ago. Not only did he repeat some of its same lines—about his grandfather fighting in “Patton’s Army” and his grandmother working on “a bomber assembly line”—he returned to some of its same themes. Just as he did in 2008

Let Trump keep "Going Low" that's all He knows how to do. He's an Embarrassment to Our Country and everything we stand for.

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Networks won't air Obama speech A source at one of the major networks told The Hill that the White House did not officially request prime-time coverage on the networks Read more at http://cowboybyte.com/34897/networks-wont-air-obama-speech/

Michelle Obama Young | Michelle Obama Princeton Graduation Picture In Harvard essay, young ...

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The same corrupt liberal news media that has covered up for Obama these past 6 years now refuse to broadcast his executive order amnesty speech tonight. Stunning... #Amnesty http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/blog/?p=28360

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