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Obamas Wife

Obama & Wife Michelle Cover ESSENCE Magazine President Barack Obama will be leaving office in a few months and Essence is honoring him and his wife First Lady Michelle Obama by making them the cover stars of their October issue. The Obamas discuss the importance of their time in the White House and the future of the nation... "I can unequivocally say that America is better off now than we were when we came into office." President Obama told ESSENCE. "By almost every economic measure were…

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Welcome To Agathachibuike's Blog: Twitter Users Comes For Obama's Wife For Calling B...

Lo & Sons - The Pearl - Leather Crossbody Bag


Celebrity "outs" Obama & Wife (Manchelle?) - YouTube 6:51 ... So much sin in the world. ... hmmm ... Is this also why Joan R died, or was she murdered to silence her? just a thought.


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Michelle Obama wife to the 44th president

Michelle Obama | Wife, Mother, Lawyer, First Lady, Style Inspiration | Beautiful Woman

indypendent-thinking: JFK Skeet Shooting at Camp David with David Niven, Ben Bradlee and wives - Mrs. Niven in fuzzy hat. (May 1963) (Cecil Stoughton)


NOT A WORD IN NEWS - ERIC HOLDER'S WIFE PART OWNER OF AN ABORTION CLINIC but the liberals feed low info voters lies about TEXAS' death penalty -- clueless -- the scum that comes across a porous unsafe border fills death row -- this guy BRUTALLY murdered a teenage girl while HYPOCRITS IN U.N. & Obama sticking their nose where it doesn't belong ---- Obama v. Texas Showdown -- THE LIBERALS ARE TRYING TO GET RID OF DEATH PENALTY IN TEXAS!