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Obscure In A Sentence


The 229-year-old sentence liberals hope will sink Trump

An obscure line in the Constitution has become a rallying point for some legal experts and critics of Trump.

Obfuscate (OB-few-skeyt) Verb: -To render obscure, unclear, or unintelligible. -To confuse, bewilder, or stupefy. -To make obscure or unclear. -To darken. From Late Latin “obfuscātus” (past participle of obfuscāre to darken), equivalent to Latin “ob-“ + “fuscus” dark + “-ātus”. Used in a sentence: “Every question was met with an incoherent attempt to obfuscate, to the point that he sounded completely inebriated.”


9 Obscure Old Swear Words We Should Bring Back, Consarn It!

Sample sentence: "You can go sard yourself and the horse you rode in on."

from Now Novel

How to Start a Novel - First Lines, First Paragraphs

Teddy's house was burned down by Andrew Laeddis, with his wife Dolores in it, and that was a big part of his life because he loved Dolores a lot. Page 120-121


Mulligrubs (MULL•ee•grubz) Noun: (used with a singular or plural verb.) (or can be used as an Adjective if you like.) -A despondent, sullen, or ill-tempered mood. -Sulky, blue or grumpy. -A griping of the intestines, Colic. Mulligrubs was ALSO an Australian television series aimed at pre-schoolers that aired from 1988 to 1996. From: 1590s fanciful formation of mulliegrums, meaning "fit of the blues" or "colic". Used in a sentence: "My emo friend Josh is always so mulligrubs..."


Agerasia (a-jer-AY-zee-a) Noun: -The state of exhibiting no signs of aging. -A youthful appearance not commensurate with old age. -A green old age; freshness and vigor of mind and body late in life. -An outward appearance more youthful than one's true age. From Greek “agerasia” - “a-” (without) and “geras" (old age). Used in a sentence: “Agerasia is a necessity upon which plastic surgeons have built an empire in Hollywood and Beverly Hills.”


fastidious (adjective): Very attentive to and concerned about accuracy and detail. Word of the Day for 06 July 2015. #WOTD #WordoftheDay #fastidious