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Occupying german

Edith Cavell was shot by a German firing squad on 12 October 1915, aged 49, for helping Allied soldiers escape from Belgium during World War I.

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French resistance fighters with Molotov cocktails at the Rue du Petit Pont during the liberation of Paris, by Robert Doisneau. (August 1944)

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Battleship Gneisenau was a German capital ship, built at Kiel and launched on 8 December 1936. Completed in May 1938, the ship was armed with a main battery of nine 28 cm (11 in) C/34 guns in three triple turrets.On the 26 February, the British launched an air attack; one bomb penetrated her armored deck and exploded in the ammunition magazine. In 1945, she was sunk as a blockship, to prevent access in the seaport of Gotenhafen (Gdynia) in German-occupied Poland.

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speech 3 : ww2 nazi German Germany ww2 map poster : Everything Else

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Hiding in Plain Sight: The Incredible True Story of a German-Jewish Teenager's Struggle to Survive in Nazi-Occupied Poland

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Anne Frank poses in 1941 in this photo made available by Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In August of 1944, Anne, her family and others who were hiding from the occupying German Security forces, were all captured and shipped off to a series of prisons and concentration camps. Anne died from typhus at age 15 in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, but her posthumously published diary has made her a symbol of all Jews killed in World War II. (AP Photo/Anne Frank House/Frans Dupont)

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How Can You Not Love These 12 Dogs, Even After They Did THIS! :)

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East German Authorities close the border between east and west Berlin and Construction of the Berlin Wall begins.

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Reichsburg Cochem in Cochem | Community Post: 18 German Castles That Put Disney To Shame

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Morning coffee (40 photos)

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