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Ocean Sunset

6 hours ago

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Goodnight "MI AMOR"! I am saying goodnight a little earlier than usual because I have to get in the shower & get ready for an early morning appointment for Zander's new dentist at Kidzam. Hopefully he will like the dentist & I can schedule his appointment to do a teeth cleaning, repair how many cavities he may have and then put sealants on his back teeth. Since he is a mouth breather I realized laughing gas won't work & happy juice won't be enough so I will sedate him this time only. Love you!

Photography inspiration gefunden auf gepinned von der Werbeagentur BlickeDeeler aus Hamburg. Ihr wollt mehr über die Agentur erfahren?

Ocean Sunset Photograph by Michael Biggs - Ocean Sunset Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Tumblr Beach Photography | beach, vertical photography, girl, stand up, summer, sun, magic sunset

#traveling #worldtravel #ocean

Love how the sun rays are going through the wave amazing combination of colors ! Really truly quite beautiful scene!

Vitaliy Sokol 03633610.tumblr.c...

views like this are why I live by the beach... gives me an inexplicable feeling ♥

✮ Wooden Steps going down to the Beach and the Sunset

Sunrise in Florida, USA. You could drive across the state and see the sunset over the ocean too.

SAILBOAT PAINTING commissioned fine art ocean sunset seascape palette knife art.

Every year during late May thousands of people gather on the Ala Moana Beach in Hawaii to attend the annual Lantern Floating ceremony. Each lit lantern carries a message from the heart and it honours the loved ones that passed on. Last May over 40 000 of them were released to the ocean with the glorious sunset in the distance.

Pictures of sunsets over the ocean. sunset

"...There is a good kind of waiting which doesn’t put oneself on hold but rather adds layers to the grandness of one’s being worthy. This sweet waiting for one’s fruits to ripen doesn’t stumble over itself to be the first to give but waits for the giving to issue at its own graceful pace." --2014 © Toko-pa Turner

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dolphins are the smartest animals on earth they even have their own laguge they use tools and play tag and other games most dolphins are salt water animals but on breed of dolphin lives in rivers plus river dolphins are pink and their eyes are barely ever their

Pastel Sunset over Blue Ocean » Beautiful pins Annette, it is always a pleasure to see you here at #PinUpLive!! Thank You!

The sunrise over the ocean is something Angel sees every morning, and is one of her favorite things about living on the ship. | Great pastel inspiration #pastel

~~Secret Sunset ~ Sea Stack at Sunset and a pounding Pacific Ocean, Southern Oregon Coast by Leif Erik Smith~~

  • Robin Evans | LuminousArtGlass

    Have a great road trip Suzi! Yes, please send an update when you return :-)

  • Suzi

    Thanks Robin! We want the coast and art... I'll say hi when we return! Thanks again for the wonderful board , and your helpful hints!!

  • Robin Evans | LuminousArtGlass

    Depends if you want to get onto the beaches or are willing to drive more. If I were driving from Cali and had 4 days, I might want to pick a midpoint to get to on this trip such as Florence or Yachats. Next trip, if you can fly into Portland then cut across to Cannon Beach, that is what we did on one trip, it's a great "home base" to do the upper half of the coast. Does this help?

  • Robin Evans | LuminousArtGlass

    Hi Suzi - what a great compliment, so glad my board helped to inspire your road trip! We usually traveled to the Oregon coast by whatever were our priorities at the time. State parks, lighthouses, sea stack sightings, art galleries,etc.

  • Suzi

    HI again Robin~ I showed my friend your page and now we're doing the road trip...thanks to you! If you had 4 days and were coming in from California, what would you not want to miss? It's short but better than nothing!

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Sunset in the Atlantic Ocean in Dominican Republic... a place I would like to visit ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Sunrise at sea • Jason Politte Fine Art Photography

"Imagine...You are those huge waves sweeping everything before them, swallowing all in their path." Képzeld, hogy Te magad vagy az a hatalmas hullám...

So beautiful. I ache to be near the ocean again... Come on graduation.

Atlantic Ocean Sunset