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October 23, 1962 - Cuban Missile Crisis Day 7: Waiting.

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JFK'S "CUBAN MISSLE CRISIS" SPEECH (10/22/62) (COMPLETE AND UNCUT) ... This high-quality version of President Kennedy's 10/22/62 Cuban Missile Crisis speech is somewhat rare, because it is complete and unedited. Usually only sma...

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Map used during the secret meetings on the Cuban Missile Crisis - shows the full range of the missiles being made in Cuba (October, 1962)

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Cuban Missile Crisis in the New York Times, October 1962 des de entonces tienen un enorme bloqueo

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The Cuban missile crisis was a 14-day confrontation in October, 1962, between the Soviet Union & Cuba & the U.S. The crisis is regarded as the moment in which the Cold War came closest to turning into a nuclear conflict & is the first documented instance of mutual assured destruction (MAD) being discussed as a determining factor in a major international arms agreement. The confrontation ended on 10/28/1962, when Kennedy & UN Secretary-General U Thant reached an agreement with Khrushchev.

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Soviet and American tanks face off at Checkpoint Charlie during the Berlin Crisis, October 1961

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Black Tuesday 1929 the stock market crash and beginning of the "Great Depression". The year my grandma was born. No wonder she is such a hardy soul.

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Duck and cover and don't look at the blast -School nuclear bomb drill during the Cold War.

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물음표 느낌표 ... 마침표™ 그리고 예향(睿響) Easy to Learn Korean Language 231 ~ 240

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