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Amulet ring with Frey’s sickle, Odin’s spear, and Thor’s hammer. The style is typical of finds from Uppland and Södermanland, Sweden.

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Viking Spear head pendant, Gungnir pendant, Odins spear


Gungnir, Odi's spear. The Valknut, the symbol for creation, preservation, and destruction. Hugin, and Munin, Odin's Ravens... Surrounded by the runes, which Odin received by sacrificing himself to himself. Great Design!


OP: "I hear this as a chant..." Traditionally, the thunder is said to be Thor's hammer, striking his anvil and the lightning is the sparks from his anvil. (I use lightning to represent Thor here, too.) However, my great-grandfather taught my mother that "The thunder is Thor's hammer and the lightning is Odin's spear." She used to listen to the thunder and absorb the energy she felt from the storm. She lived to be 93. I guess something worked....


Odin, The Allfather - I am here, Father. You have called me and I am here. Where you wind talks to the tress and carries yur ravens to the mountains, where the last of the Old Ones live. I am here, Father. I take possession of my heritage and I step into the line of my Ancestors. I grasp the spear of my will and gird myself with the courage of seekers. I draw the runes of power around me.

from The Art of Manliness

Odin - Lessons From Norse Mythology


Gullinbursti ('Golden Bristle'), in Norse Mythology, is Freyr's golden boar, which represents male sexuality and stamina. It is one of the many gifts, including Thor's Hammer (Mjölnir), and Odin's Spear (Gungnir), which the gods only got due to Loki's dangerous bet wit the dwarfs. Without Loki, the gods would have been virtually powerless, and Asgard undefended by it's wall too! Hail Loki!